Game & App Development

We develop cross-platform mobile games & apps using Unity. Unity is the industrial standard cross-platform game engine adapted by many large corps across different industries like games, film, entertainment and architecture. Start bringing your vision to life today!

Development Process

  1. Business goal and scope of project - Develop the concept, find the target audiences and set the budget.

  2. Design and UI/UX - Create prototypes and design architecture, get feedback from the target users. Make some adjustment if necessary.

  3. Build and release - With the architecture designed and prototypes created, the actual development can start. When the first version is ready, QAs and beta testers should join the team. Once beta testing stage is finished, the game/app can move to final release phase.

  4. Marketing and analysis - Through cycles of user acquisition and data analysis, the product is optimized and regular content updates to improve user retention.

Our Work

100+ mobile games & apps developed and counting